About Us

ilmnama is a name of excellence which aims to provide high quality content to the students and learners. We have build this website while considering the needs of student surfing internet. Therefore, we have cater the data very carefully and arranged it on the website accordingly. We have designed all the content section wise for easy navigation. The sections include Jobs, Scholarships, Educational Institutes, Online Earning, Career Resources, Online Tests, Learn Online and Telecommunication Packages. Although, we work very hard regularly to increase the content that could benefit our visitors.

We have tried to be specific with our content and provide unique and most demanded content to our visitors. Like many other websites, we do not want our visitors to get confused in the content. Therefore, we have tried to work on the content that is related to students and can be useful for them.

Who Backs ilmnama:

ilmnama is proudly powered by Integrating Ventures (IV). IV is a consultancy and internet services company working on the better education and mitigation of unemployment through positive deviance from the society. Therefore, IV launched a project and named it as ilmnama aiming to provide the students related material totally for free.

Future Plans:

In near future, ilmnama is planning to expend its operations by providing the material of the website through mobile applications. For this plan, ilmnama will develop a few applications with specific options. Due to this, students or visitors will use the application which will be related to them only and they will not have to look all other unnecessary materials.

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